• Meet the Founder and Lead Instructor


    Meredith Kasper is passionate about teaching and understands the unique challenges for adult learners, especially when it comes to learning another language. Meredith makes learning fun by implementing a variety of teaching strategies. Over the years of teaching she has learned about neurocognitive development and successful techniques to stimulate learning. Her style immerses the students in a dynamic and active setting, connecting her students to real life circumstances. Meredith’s enthusiasm for teaching is apparent in her delivery as she keeps her students highly engaged throughout class.

    Meredith has over 20 years of experience teaching language, both English and Spanish. She began teaching English in Mexico in 1998. In 2001 she started teaching an ESL at Colorado Mountain College and moved into teaching conversational Spanish there in 2009. In 2012 she designed a curriculum specifically geared towards teachers focusing on vocabulary specific to education in an immersion style setting. The idea was to offer an immersion like experience, like traveling where one can be saturated in the language, only without leaving home. The class was a huge success. Participants rave about their ability to finally feel more confident to use their Spanish, which inspired Meredith to build her own business ‘Custom Spanish Courses’ so that she can continue to pass that experience on to others.


    Her journey with learning Spanish began in high school and continued through college where she participated in 3 study abroad programs in Mexico and Costa Rica. After graduating with a BA in Sociology and Human Service from Fort Lewis College, she moved back to Mexico for several years where she continued to hone her Spanish skills and learn more about the Mexican culture. She has also spent time traveling in Central and South America gaining perspective on the differences in language and culture. Meredith also lived in Norway and has traveled to Europe and Africa and Asia. Through these experiences she has become a world citizen with a deep curiosity of different cultures, language and customs.