• Our Mission


    What We Do

    Custom Spanish Courses offers customized, immersion style Spanish courses that will specifically focus on vocabulary used in professional business settings. Participants will learn words, phrases and be implementing dialogues that will help them in their specific line of work.

    Why Choose Us

    Custom Spanish Courses offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable Spanish skills without having to give up too much time in your busy schedule or travel abroad. These courses are designed to enhance the participant’s knowledge and skill level of basic to intermediate Spanish, while also focusing on grammar structure, vocabulary and phrases specific to your workplace. The instructor will take special care to customize each course to your agency or busniess’ specific needs. No class will be exactly the same. Each course is of the highest quality and will integrate a variety of different learning modalities to keep each student actively participating and using their new skills from day one.

    Who We Are

    Custom Spanish Courses is dedicated to helping professionals learn Spanish that is applicable in their particular workplace. CSC custom tailors each class with specific vocabulary that can be used immediately. CSC prides itself on creating dynamic courses that will be engaging from beginning to end.