When it's critical to

    understand and be understood.


    There's not always time to call an interpreter.


    Learning the right Spanish phrases for your job is essential!


  • In Person & Online Spanish Courses

    Learn the right words for the job!

    Being understood is critically important.

    Knowing the right Spanish phrases can make a huge difference.

    When you don’t have time to call an interpreter

    It's critical to know the right words to use in Spanish.

  • Testimonials

    What professionals are saying about Custom Spanish Courses.

  • 911 Dispatch, Castle Rock. - K. DeClair

    "That was the best training I’ve ever been to! Not just the best language training but the best training. I learned so much, I feel way more comfortable speaking Spanish and the time flew by".

    Loveland PD - Officer Adams

    “This was phenomenal, thanks so much for putting together such a useful course.”

    Garfield County Sheriffs' - Deputy Alstatt

    "I had more fun and learned more in these 3 days than I had in any other Spanish class. These instructors made it fun and went out of their way to make us comfortable making mistakes and trying to speak the language. I would recommend this to everyone wanting to learn the language."

    Summit County Sheriffs' - Deputy Straw

    This class kicked ass! I’ve tried other ways to learn Spanish for years. I learned more about Spanish and Spanish in 3 days than I did in years using other methods. Meredith and Beto used awesome techniques to make leaning fun and effective. I hope to be taught by them in the future.

    911 Dispatch, Castle Rock - R. Sinclair

    Meredith was great. Her ability to get people comfortable speaking Spanish in a few short hours is unprecedented.

    Church Youth Pastor - K. Montie

    Meredith brings wonderful passion to the Spanish language. I loved that she set out to help me become a better communicator, not to be perfect - this alleviated much of the pressure I put on myself to perform, and instead freed me up to absorb much more information, practice without fear of failure, and ultimately want to engage others in conversation. Thank you, Meredith, for increasing my enjoyment of the language, and inspiring me to continue in my learning!

    School Administrator - K. Hillebrand

    “Meredith Kasper’s class was so enlightening and so well taught. Meredith was an amazing teacher for me, she engaged her class on many different levels. The daily review was also very helpful, as I was a first time Spanish learner. Meredith was very knowledgeable about the Spanish language and the many dialects that are used in conversation. I would highly recommend Meredith Kasper’s class to anyone, and everyone who is interested in a beginner, intermediate or expert Spanish class. Meredith adapts so well to any level of learning. It was a pleasure being a student in her class.”

    Teacher - M. Peplin Ph.D

    “I have been a special education teacher at GSMS for 12 years. Through Spanish for Professionals, Meredith has empowered me with a wealth of Spanish knowledge through communication and literacy. I am excited to incorporate my new knowledge into the upcoming school year to better communicate with my Spanish speaking students, families and co-workers. Meredith utilizes a number of online/tech strategies that we can continue using after the class is over. Most of all, I love how she tailors the activities and lessons so that I can specifically use them in my career and the lessons certainly will be put to good use!

    Small Business Owner - L. Rashbaum

    “If you want to take a class and immediately have a fundamental ability to read, write and speak Spanish, learn Spanish with Meredith!”

    Teacher - E. Smith

    “Meredith is well prepared and has a variety of activities every day that makes the class fly by! She is my favorite instructor and I have taken over 7 years of different Spanish classes. I love how she intertwines grammar, real-life situations and her own stories.”

    Snowmass, PD - Office Xaiz

    Meredith- you have an incredible teaching ability! I learned so much in your classes, and the language finally started to "stick". I've taken many classes in the past, but none as effective as yours.

    Teacher RE-1- C. Rose

    "I truly believe that a teacher can make or break your Spanish learning experience, and Meredith makes it great! She made me feel comfortable speaking, which I have never been in the past. I learned more and became more confident in one week of class with Meredith than I did during any year long Spanish class that I have taken in the past. Thank you Meredith!"

    Director - H. McGuire

    Taking a Spanish Immersion class taught by Meredith Kasper, was one of the best, most delightful classes I’ve ever taken. Meredith has a highly organized, well-planned, creative, relaxed, varied, and immensely fun teaching style that allows for all types of learning. I and my classmates were amazed at how much we’d learned and were able to speak in such a short time. I highly recommend her class.

    Carbondale Police Dept. - Sgt. Rogers

    "This class was very helpful. Cops throughout the state would greatly benefit from this class."

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