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    Courses build upon each other with phrases becoming more complex as you move through each level.

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    Spanish for Educators


    Beginner level = little to no previous Spanish



    Areas of focus: Basic introduction & classroom vocabulary, simple classroom directives, questions and useful classroom phrases. (Designed for people with little to no previous Spanish).
    Price $110



    Spanish for Educators

    High beginner

    High beginner level = some previous Spanish experience.



    Areas of focus: Review of intro & classroom vocabulary, more classroom directives, basic questions and additional useful classroom phrases. (Designed for people who have a little previous Spanish experience).
    Price $110


    Spanish for Educators

    Low intermediate

    Low Intermediate level = Comfortable with the basics in Spanish.



    Areas of focus: School subjects, intermediate classroom directives, using interrogatives /forming questions, additional classroom phrases and phrases to use when speaking to parents/guardian. (Designed for people who have had some basic Spanish).

     Price $149