In Person and Online Spanish Courses

    In Person Courses

    Each in person courses is highly engaging and all the activities are designed to optimize learning in a short period of time. Participants walk away having learned the phrases most commonly used in their profession.


    Make your job easier by learning the right words for the job.


    Don't have time to learn Spanish? That's why CSC created courses specialized for your line of work!


    Online Courses

    As a response to Covid, Custom Spanish Courses created unique self paced online courses. These online courses are not like other general online Spanish courses.


    These courses teach you what you need to know for your line of work.


    Each online course is well-organized and applies both passive and active learning. Active learning is the key to producing / implementing language.


    Subsequent courses build upon the previous level. Phrases gradually become more complex.

  • In Person & Online Spanish Courses

    Learn the right words for the job!

    Being understood is critically important.

    It's critical to know the right words to use in Spanish.

    Knowing the right Spanish phrases can make a huge difference.

    When you don’t have time to call an interpreter.